ㄢ錕剛噴訣盡ノ--夾非睛近 Master gears

Master Gears For Double Flank Gear Rolling Tester

夾非睛近-Master Gears

2睛錕剛噴訣ノ藹弘夾非睛近-Master Gear籹㎝砞璸
矗ㄑM0.1~M2Αキ睛近,タ睛近,臉臂睛近ノ夾非睛近-Master Gear
セそ矗ㄑ夾非睛(Master Gear),Аらセ┪瓣籹硑,弘M00
弘JIS 1751 M00 玂靡 (浪琩Θ罿)

CNC睛近錕訣ノ夾非睛近-Master Gear
鵝濺睛近ノ夾非睛近-Master Gear
タ睛近臉臂睛近ノ家計夾非睛近-Master GearのDP夾非睛近-Master Gear.

夾非睛近-Master Gears燦竊禯┪琌睛近ノ程砆秖ㄏノㄢ睛錕剛噴訣
ぃ┪秖代ノ夾非睛近-Master Gears

Ultra-High presion from module 0.1 to 1.0 in increment of 0.05
Fine pitch Spur & Helical Master gears.
Metric(Module) and English(DP) Master gears.
Spur master gears and helical master gears are produced to the utmost quality standards.
Master gears for rolling tester.
Master gears for plastic gears.
Module Master Gear DP Master Gear